UL7000 Cooler Pump - UL 7000 Offset Power Cool Pump
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UL7000 Cooler Pump 115V- UL 7000 Offset Power Cool Pump Offset pump, Automatic reset thermal overload, Flame retardant motor housing, Grounded plug, Corrosion resistant shaft, Screened inlet and removable baseplate, Fits all coolers, Low level pump, UL classified and recognized, 115 volts. Offset pump Automatic reset thermal overload Flame retardant motor housing Grounded plug Corrosion resistant shaft Screened inlet and removable baseplate Fits all coolers Low level pump UL classified and recognized 115 volts UL 7000

  • Item #: 1075

UL 7000 Offset Pump 115V P/N 1075

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