UL 5000 Cooler Pump - Power Cool Offset Pump
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UL5000 Cooler Pump 115V- Power Cool UL 5000 Offset Pump 115 Volt


Super offset cooler pump that fits 5,0000 cfm evap coolers (225 gph). Extra Long Cord Three Prong Grounded Plug Fits Champion™ Cooler Mounting Bracket Built-in Supplementary Pump Screen Flame Retardant Motor Housing Auto Reset Thermal Overload Permalube Bearings Corrosion Resistant Shaft Built-in Barbed Elbow Removable Base Plate for ease of Cleaning Operates in water reservoirs of 1/2" to 4 Low Draw/Low Recovery

  • Item #: 1055

UL 5000 Offset Pump 115V P/N 1055

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